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Working but still looking

We've all heard the old saying the ABC's of job search:
A-find Any job
B-find a Better job
C-find a Career

So what do you do while working that any job, but looking for either that better job or even that career? It’s best to keep all your job search balls in the air, even while working full or part time. That means that you update your resume to include your current position and make sure that any job search sites that you are registered with have the most current version of your resume. You include on that updated resume any new contact information, including work phone number(s), work e-mail, etc.

If including work numbers is not possible, then be certain that you list a cell number where you can be contacted and/or return calls during the day. Remember, most potential employers work on a 9 am to 5 pm schedule, so you want to be as available, as possible, to them during those hours. It may be harder to be available while working, but it’s not impossible.

You may have to take time off for an in-person interview and you will have to decide how to best get that time off. You also want to find a nearby place where you can go if you have to do a telephone interview. Even if you have a private office, it may still be necessary for you to go off site, because you don't want the current employer to know that you are still seeking that next great position and if there is any chance of you being overheard, an alternate location is the answer.
Above all, remember that the job search doesn't end until you are ready for it to end. So don't let anything get in the way of your Career, especially not just Any old job.

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