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Working at Your Peak Performance!

We give great attention to getting a job and once achieved, we spend less time sustaining it. It may be better to spend time, resources and energies ensuring that you are working at your peak performance. Making sure that you are covering the ‘who, when, what and how’ of things can seal the deal on you being able to sustain and grow in your work environment.
Think of your job description as your Contract. How you honor that is your way of giving your clientele the very best.
Hopefully, these basic tips, can assist you in ensuring that you are vested, aware, willing and able to comply with your contract. If not, you may need to start job searching because times are changing and accountability and performance-based contracts are taking over!
Foundation for Peak Performance: CharacterCompetence - Compliance
Are You Really Vested?
Is your philosophy in alignment with the mission of your workplace?
Are you giving your all?
Do you hold yourself/team accountable or place blame?
Do you have and use the tools needed to get the job done?
Be Equipped for the Job
What are the core responsibilities and can you perform them?
Who are you servicing?
Why are you providing these services?
What are the outcomes/deliverables expected of you?
Understand Your Contract
Is it weighted and does accurately reflect your tasks?
Does it affect your pay?
Are any areas negotiable?
Are there any limitations with you or the contract?

Making the most of your time and skills allows you to operate at Peak Performance which can be a win-win for all!

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