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Workfarce: Five resume tips

Show your personality
Show your personality
Pam Waits

Your resume is one of your most important job search tools. It provides a first impression that determines whether you’ll be given the opportunity to compete for a position.

Although the following tricks probably won't get you an interview, they'll make your resume stand out and give recruiters something to talk about.

  1. Add a selfie to show your personality. Take a headshot or a photo from the bathroom mirror. Have fun with it – do something creative, make it memorable. However, it’s best if the picture focuses on your face and you’re fully dressed.
  2. Include multiple typos and then at the end of your resume, offer a reward for finding each one. This might get the recruiter to call you even if they don't think you're competitive for the job, which will give you the opportunity to convince them otherwise. There's also an added bonus. If the recruiter finds typos you missed, you can claim they were deliberate, part of the game.
  3. Insert a joke in the middle of your resume to grab the recruiter’s attention. Everybody likes a good laugh. (Of course simply following these tips will likely be entertainment enough.)
  4. Put the job you’re applying for on your resume as though you're already working in the position. For example, if you're applying for a Marketing Manager at Great Company, list it as your current position. This type of subliminal messaging might help you get the job.
  5. List personal information that includes protected characteristics such age, race, gender, etc. That way, if you don’t get an offer you can claim the company discriminated against you illegally.

The job search is tough – not only for you but for recruiters, too. Make their day by being different. You may not get the job, but they’ll remember you.

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