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Workers suffering chronic pain should look to brain stem says LA chiropractor

Dr. Truong uses latest technology to pinpoint problems with joints and determine care approach.
Dr. Truong uses latest technology to pinpoint problems with joints and determine care approach.
Don Simkovich

Chronic Pain Relief Need

Debate rages on how, or if, to implement President Obama’s health care law but for about 100 million Americans their need for pain relief is immediate. That’s the number suffering from chronic pain according to the Institute of Medicine.

Injuries may occur in different ways but the common result is nerve interference.

Chiropractor Dr. Johnny Truong works from a Mid-Wilshire location in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles. His patients range from construction workers who have fallen from utility trucks to professionals seeking relief from acute pain and chronic headaches.

He is one of only about 100 chiropractors in the United States using the Blair Upper Cervical approach to reduce and eliminate nerve interference.

Importance of Brain Stem

Dr. Truong focuses his work on the brain stem, the place where the head and neck join. “One of my patients was a young woman who had pain so severe she attempted suicide 6 times. Her mother brought her to me and with the gentle adjustment technique I use her condition improved dramatically.”

Healing messages move from the brain to the body through the brain stem but when interference occurs the brain stem amplifies pain.

“If you don’t have a healthy nervous system, you can’t breathe and you can’t digest food,” Dr. Truong told me. “If your nervous system doesn’t work efficiently, your body is going to have problems.”

Use of Brain Stem

Dr. Truong’s mother-in-law, age 75, was involved in a car accident that killed her husband. She ended up with high blood pressure and asthma so severe she had to breathe using an oxygen tank.

“The brain stem affects breathing but I was able to improve my mother-in-law’s condition. Patients can’t believe a simple adjustment can give them back their life so they can experience health in a way they hadn’t experienced in years.”

Dr. Truong uses 3D X-rays to help diagnose specific areas of misalignment. He says legislation is being considered to prevent chiropractors from taking patient X-rays.

“Lawmakers are trying to restrict the use of X-rays and conventional chiropractors don’t need them because they’re looking for neck curves. The legislation is supposed to protect the public from radiation. The neck only needs a small amount of radiation and the X-rays help me pinpoint areas of misalignment.”

While policymakers debate health care, Dr. Truong has built a 10-year track record providing care and freeing patients from pain.

Visit Dr. Truong’s website to read about conditions he treats.

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