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Workers Rights vs Right To Work

On Tuesday, January 28, the Pennsylvania State AFL-CIO and allied organizations will hold a press conference in the Capital Rotunda in opposition to PA House Bill 1507. This bill, similar to ones passed in Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin, would effectively make Pennsylvania a "Right To Work" State, by eliminating payroll deductions for union dues. The State AFL-CIO has more information, and additional information is available on a Facebook event page.

One of the reasons this piece of Koch Brothers and ALEC inspired legislation may have come to Pennsylvania is the efforts that Pennsylvania's Unions have made in blocking Gov. Corbett's pro-corporate agenda; lottery and liquor privatization, pension changes and prevailing wage laws were all stymied by the efforts of labor and thier allies. One other component of the Republican agenda was sturck down Friday when a Commonwealth Court ruled Pennsylvania's Voter ID law unconstitutional.

In a January 16th letter to the Harrisburg Patriot News, Derry Township activist Steve Todd voiced his support for labor, mentioning how labor has helped slow the %1 lead race to the bottom.

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