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Workers laying in Waterfront Park top

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Dirt that covers the land the county is building a waterfront park, last week, changed into a park landscape building grounds. Coast Live Oak trees workers planted in the southwest corner will grow into park shade.

After all the trees are put in the park, San Diego county's Waterfront Park will have 200 trees, the oaks, magnolias and other trees, that will grow to give the walking grounds its main ground cover. Shrubs and flowers will spread across the landscape.

Pipes needed to feed the reflecting pool fountain were in the ground. Workers, earlier in the project, tested fountain spray on a black concrete surface. Reflecting pool waters will flow over the black concrete workers, last week, layed in. Black and white granite chips give the concrete surface its granite look. A white water pipe drains the fountain waters into an underground tank.

Work building up the landscape features near Harbor Drive goes on. A mound made out of geofoam blocks kept workers busy on top of the underground parking garage off Ash Street. Foak blocks the workers lay in and stake together with wood stakes make a park high land location light. At 2 pounds per cubic foot, the foam weighs little compared to the thick soil that weighs 120 pounds per cubic foot.

Park visitors will walk up to a playground workers will build on top of the foam hill.

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