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Workers break up La Mesa Blvd

A more upscale streetscape is under construction in La Mesa on La Mesa Blvd (in orange) downtown.
A more upscale streetscape is under construction in La Mesa on La Mesa Blvd (in orange) downtown.
City of La Mesa

The early sewer and utilities work done for the La Mesa Downtown Revitalization Project started early last week. Wastewater workers started step one. Getting under the street to replace the sewer pipeline on La Mesa Boulevard downtown, near Spring Street, down around Date Avenue.

Pipelines will also be replaced along the Acacia and Date avenue streets over to the alleys.

Workers will take over part of the streets to do the revitalization work mostly at night to keep down the impact on downtown street life.

Electric utilities work will get done in downtown locations. The city's revitalization workers will stay at work on La Mesa Boulevard and at the Lemon Avenue municipal parking lot.

The work on the streetscape demolition was planned for the early end of the project planne to beautify the east county city's downtown, and, give locals a better sense of place downtown during the 2000s. Buildings around the downtown Spring Street trolley stop have grown more upscale over the last decade and a half. The city still has revitalizatin work to get done to upgrade La Mesa's status as a travel destination.

Money invested in the Downtown Village Streetscape Project has been on hand since 2008. In 2009, the city was awarded Recovery Act funds to do the streetscape revitalization project. And,, in July in 2013, a 2 million dollar Smart Growth Incentive Grant set the plans up for the work start this year.

Early revitalization work done in the village downtown changed the streetscape and building front look in the Civic Center on Allison Avenue. This year, walks and street stops on the La MEsa BOulevard line will undergo a major rebuild.

Workers last did a major renovation in La Mesa's downtown village 40 years ago.

Wastewater Reserves and the Downtown Parking Fund funded the street wrecking work on the underground sewer and electrical lines at La Mesa Boulevard's downtown locations.

The city's contractor will move ahead to work breaking up the old sidewalks on La Mesa Boulevaard to take out the old sidewalks after the under the street work is done. Workers will take over only one side of one block at a time. Leaving businesses open.

Then, building work on a new downtown streetscape begins. New sidewalks and curb and gutters will go in. The new pedestrian ramps the street workers put in will set up the blocks for new crosswalks built on a repaved blacktop.

Not long from now, La Mesans will sit on new benches under growing trees during the day, and, in the light of new street lights at night.

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