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Worker tosses dead body in dumpster thinking it was mannequin left as a prank

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A woman’s body was tossed into a dumpster when a worker mistook the stiff remains as a mannequin he thought someone used as an April Fools’ Day joke. The overnight desk clerk of an apartment complex in St. Petersburg, Florida came across what he thought was a mannequin on the ground in the courtyard of the high rise building, according to USA Today on April 4.

Ron Benjamin, 61, went out for a smoke break in the wee hours of the morning and he happened upon this mannequin-looking body on the ground. The police said the body had been there for a while and rigor mortis had set in making the body stiff and giving it more of a mannequin-like appearance.

Benjamin asked two newspaper carriers to give him a hand getting the mannequin into the dumpster, which they did. The next day while emptying some garbage, the apartment manager saw the dead body in the dumpster and called the police.

96-year-old Nan Yates had committed suicide jumping off her Peterborough Apartment 16th floor balcony. She had left a note saying that she was ending her life. She had done this hours earlier and her body lay undisturbed on the lawn until Benjamin came across her remains and tossed them in the dumpster.

He was fired, but police did not charge him with anything because they believed that he thought the body was a mannequin, as did the paper carriers.