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'Work In Your Pajamas' is a must-have book for a beginner freelance writer

This is a very no-frills guide to starting your own business as a freelance writer.
Used with permission from Mandy Robinson

Have you ever wondered how writers get started? Or just thought that you couldn't become a writer because of location or lack of a journalism degree? Mandy Robinson tells you how to get started as a writer no matter where you live and no matter what level of education you have received. This no-frills guide to writing for profit is a great tool for someone who may be interested in writing but who doesn't think they can do it.

In this handy little e-book, Mandy talks about her journey to becoming a very successful freelance writer. It was no picnic though and the start up often is also the end for those who don't understand the ins and outs of the writing business. Getting started can be tough and often aspiring writers will give up before they really see any success. With the motivation and information contained in "Work In Your Pajamas: A Guide to Becoming a Freelance Writer," those same aspiring authors can find the support and guidance necessary to becoming successful in the writing industry.

Many who start out wanting to write either fall into the right places by accident or stumble around from writing gig to writing gig in hopes of finding the right place. With a little help and insight from someone who has already been there, it becomes much easier to start getting paid, rather than getting taken advantage of by the myriad of scams and schemes that seem to have taken over the internet.

In the how-to guide, Mandy Robinson doesn't sugar coat the huge amount of work involved in maintaining a steady income as a freelancer. She explains time commitments, distractions, resources and more. Anyone who is even considering entering the world of freelance writing should also consider picking up this book. It may save them a whole lot of time and heartache.

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