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Work those Calf Muscles! Feel the burn for that much needed strength!

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Rowing is an exercise that uses every part of the body. From back, arms, abdomen, to the most important legs, it's said to be a full body workout.

One area that tends to be forgotten is the legs, but not in the way one would think. The forgotten calves are the area which do hold importance. The hamstrings and quad muscles are worked, but do not forget to work the calves.

Whether you are a rowing looking to add the calves to your workout, a person interested in rowing exercises, or someone working out, then this exercise is for you. The beauty of the routine is that it takes no weight, no cost, and helps with more than rowing. In fact this is ah exercise to strengthen the calves for jumping to increase vertical, yet this is how the muscles grow.
One requirement, you must stand on the edge of a platform on the heel. Now you don't need to do this and you shouldn't perform this on a too high of a platform. The bottom step works perfectly or find your own 6 inch high platform, I repeat not too high!!!

To work the calves all you must do is stand on the ball of your feet, on the edge, then using your muscles begin to bounce up and down on the front of your foot. Continue this until it absolutely burns, we will not count to a number, just go until your muscles ache. After doing the first set, you go only on one foot, then when the muscle burns switch foot. To start with, only do two set for either foot and both feet together. Once the burn takes longer to happen, add another set.
Happy walking!

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