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Work robots—the worsening workaholic crisis

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Cincinnati, like every city in American that is the home to several large corporations, is in the midst of a crisis that began in the boom years of the Reagan Administration. The corporate world now considers forty hours a work part-time with eighty plus hours a week being the norm for most people.

What is the benefit of working so much? Money only has value if you spend it. Merely piling up money, possessions, status, etc are meaningless if you can’t enjoy them. What good is a Porsche if the only place that you drive it to is work?

Piling up money, and even compulsively hoarding it, was the strategy of Scrooge and Old Man Potter in It’s a wonderful life. Both of these men had no life outside of work, were despised by everyone, were cold, and completely unloved. Many bosses and people who have attained wealth and a position are like this. We all know the names of the ones who enjoy celebrity status for piling up wealth.

There are other things to put value on and to believe in besides money. When Scrooge spent his money to buy a turkey for the Cratchit family and to help Tiny Tim, he became human. Work and money lost their luster. Scrooge saw Bob Cratchit and his family as human beings and not as things to dump work on.

Scrooge, like many people today, had no idea what he was working so hard for or what he was going to do with all the money that he was piling up. He went about like a robot, wanting more, pushing Bob Cratchit harder, cutting the heat back, etc. So stop and ask yourself, what are you working for?