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Work out with Dennise and Wendy

This is Seekers of Truth and I am your host Alfred DaCosta. Glad you could join us today on this fine Sunday afternoon. If this is your first time joining us, and you are wondering what a Seeker of Truth is, it is any person that exchanges carbon dioxide and oxygen in any order. We work to train the mind, body and soul. A balance in these three areas produces healthy, happy and balanced lives. Today's show is a focus on the body. We are here with Dennise and Wendy who are participating in a fitness program called Insanity. You can join us in Wendy's living room and get into shape. (not literally please). The program has an assessment that lasts 30 minutes. The exercises they must complete are grueling moves like the switch kick, power jacks, power knees, power jumps, globe jumps, push ups and low planks. They have a minute to do as many as they can for each exercise. Listen in on the video of today's show in this article to see how they did, or visit the show to hear it for yourself. Every exercise routine has something that distinguishes them from everyone else. Insanity turns the traditional exercise routine on it's head and starts off hitting the ground running where tradition would have you warm up and gradually increase intensity. Join these ladies three times a week. Join us by sharing your stats on our Facebook page. They will be doing the assessment for the rest of this week so get on board. Next week they begin CD 1. If you do not have Insanity, you can do any program. The catalyst for success is to do it with someone, keep your heart rate up, take a before and after picture, drink water, pray, and be safe. See you next time.