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Work on the Minimum Wage Initiative ends in June

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The minimum wage increase Councilman Todd GLoria proposed to give San Diegans an opportunity to "earn wages that ensure a decent and healthy life" took another step towards the November 4th ballot this week. A council committee reviewed the proposal to send it to the full council for final approval.

Gloria, and Counilwomen Sheri Lightner, Myrtle Cole, and Marti Emerald have worked on the minimum wage proposal, that also will give local workers a right to earn 5 sick leave days a year, since March. The councilmembers put the ballo tproposal together after discussing the plan to strengthen the local workforce with labor and trade organizations, small businesses, and the industries that hire the large numbers of minimum wage workers, hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores. Adding good jobs to the San Diego workforce that offer benefits and decent wagess has kept GLoria at work on the proposal for years.

The city council will look over the Minimum Wage Initiative the 16th through the 23rd and make the final approval decision on June 23rd.

Initiative supporters at City Hall count on a pay off from the minimum wage increase. A more stable workforce that does not have the businesses that "do not pay a livable wage." And, they count on lowering poverty in San Diego.

According to them, the local poverty rate stays too high. And, many San DIegans do not earn "sufficient wages to live self-sufficient."

A ten dollar an hour minimum wage that will set in July in 2017, after two yearly increases in 2015 and 2016, would even give taxpayers relief from giving San DIegans money they do not earn and government help they donot pay for. Supoorters say the new minimum wage will lower local workers' need to use homeless shelters and social services and community based services.

Sick days, they say, keep work regular at the workplace. Lowering the recovery days off. And, increasing productivity. Workers would have the opportunity to take 5 days off to care for their own illness, or, take care of an ill family member. Taking time off work would help retore a work and family balance in San Diego homes.

Finding that too few workers currently can build up enough sick leave to rely on motivated Gloria to put the sick leave in the ballot initiative.

Starting in 2018, the new minimum wage would get an annual increase set using the local Consumer Price Index. An increase called a cost of living adjustment, or COLA.

Councilman Todd Gloria still holds open public discussions on the Minimum Wage Initiative with San Diegans.

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