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Work It Girl Fitness

Cory Bertrand, Work It Girl Fitness
Cory Bertrand, Work It Girl Fitness


  • Solomon Blue 6 years ago

    Work it Girl! You rock Cory!

  • almurray 6 years ago

    I worked at a gym with Cory in the past and she is among the best at what she does. I have seen first hand some of the amazing transformations women have undergone while training with her. Now its time for her to whip my butt in shape! Thanks Cory!

  • Paige 6 years ago

    If you are looking for life changing results this is the trainer for you!!! I know from personal experience!!! Cory's industrious and imaginative personality along with her dedication to helping you reach your goals... make her the "It" in personal training!!!

  • jnelson 6 years ago

    Lubbock lost one of the BEST trainers of all time! I had the privilege of working with her for many years! She was always in high demand! Not only did she give clients the best results, she gave them friendship...actually more than that...they were ready to adopt her into their family! She is extemely talented and one of the greatest personal trainers you'll ever meet. If you want your life enriched in more ways than better grab her before it's too late!

  • Laura S. 6 years ago

    I trained with Cory and loved every single minute of it! Cory made every session challenging, but fun. I learned so much from her, and I would recommend her to anyone!!

  • VanApp 6 years ago

    If you are looking for someone who will kick you into gear, Cory is definately the person for you. I had Cory as my trainer for over 4 years. In both individual and group work outs she was able to help me obtain my goals and keep them! Cory is always on top of the latest and greatest ways to motivate you to be your best.

  • Kay 6 years ago

    Good workouts. (even for us older gals - she pushes you) Miss having her here in Lubbock. Our loss is your gain. I always knew I had worked hard with Cory - I could feel it after every workout.

  • mwatts 6 years ago

    Just when you think you might be in shape, SHE comes along...Not only one of the greatest trainers, but ended up being a life long friend! Can you strengthen your heart through personal training??? She WILL! Smaller booty/ bigger heart! LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!

  • Glenda (Mama G) 6 years ago

    Cory has worked with me for almost 7 years! What an assett she was to our health centers here in Lubbock! I always wished that all of our staff members were like her! She brings a whole new meaning to passion, trust, loyalty, professionalism.....I could go on and on! If you want to work with someone that will always put you, your goals, your health and your happiness first, then use Cory! We miss her on our staff, not only as an employee but a true friend!

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