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Work it - Fitness Apps

Put your smart phone to work for you. It's already replaced your watch and your digital camera, so why can't it also be your personal trainer, yoga instructor, heart rate monitor and fitness calendar? There are as many fitness apps out there as there are fad diets. But you don't need the trending app of the week, you need the fitness apps that give you better workouts. These are not one-night stand apps. You'll love them for the long term.

DailyBurn Tracker

An app for this, an app for that, why not synchronize your diet, fitness and exercise into one app? Track foods (with UPC labels) by scanning them to find nutritional details. You can customize the DailyBurn Tracker with individual goals and receive a plan for both diet and exercise.

Availability: Android, Phone, iPod touch, and iPad (requires iOS 4.0 or later)

Cost: Free

Endomondo Sports Tracker

You walk, you run, you bike, you roller blade, you hike (go you!). Now keep track of it all with Endomondo Sports Tracker. It provides real -time GPS tracking of time, distance, speed & calories. The app also gives you pep talks, courtesy of your friends, and lets you know when you've passed a mile (and the second mile and the third...).

Availability: Android, BlackBerry; for an iPhone, try the free RunKeeper, which is similar

Cost: Free

Fitness Builder

The beauty of PumpOne's Fitness Builder is its versatility. Just like you get bored with the same old workout routines, your body also gets bored, or maybe just sneaky. When you do the same exact workout over and over, your body gets use to it and stops working so hard. "Strength plateaus, injury, overuse, fatigue and even boredom can set in after a period of training causing lack of progress, discouragement and failure to achieve goals" according to the Medical University of South Carolina. Keeping your body guessing and changing your routine is easy when you have access to 750 workouts and 5,600 exercise images and videos. You can customize routines, build workouts based on body parts and track your progress. The images and instructions are pretty clear, even if you're new to some of the exercises.

Availability: iPhone, Android, web

Cost: One month free; $9.99 per month or $59 per year (which is cheaper than a gym membership)

Pocket Yoga

Yes, you can do yoga anywhere: in your office, in the park, even at your desk. Gaia Flow Yoga created the app with 27 yoga sessions with voice instruction, and a handy directory of poses.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android

Cost: $2.99

Six Pack Pro

Work those abs with Six Pack Pro. This sometimes stubborn area needs some extra attention, not always found in more general workouts. And no, it's not just an app telling you to get on the floor and do crunches. The app features images of abdominal muscles, as well as a variety of exercises that target them.

Availability: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (requires iOS 3.0 or later)

Cost: $.99

Instant Heart Rate Pro

Do you ever place your fingers on your neck to check your heart rate during cardio? Try the Instant Heart Rate Pro instead, if you work out with your phone.

Availability: Android

Cost: $.99

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