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Work hard, play your part well, step into the spotlight and shine

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Friday, August 8, 2014: This is a day that has the potential to be life-changing. You're feeling renewed, resourceful, insightful, emotionally detached from the past and ready to walk into your future.

Something of major significance is taking place... something that has been in process since last October/ November. Look back to that time frame and see how things have unfolded to bring you to this moment in time. You're stepping into a new situation and you can look for continued developments in October and again next Spring.

Still... There's a sense of urgency about today. So... don't be reckless, overly self-centered, take things too personally... or yourself and your situation too seriously. Watch your mouth, focus your thoughts, think before you act and strive for balance and self-honesty.

Have fun and be spontaneous, but... work hard and play your part... no matter how small, uncomfortable or out of character it feels... step into the spotlight and shine.

Today's Quote

Act well your part; there all the honour lies. ~ Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man

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