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Work from home jobs: A new trend for higher levels of productivity & efficiency

Technology allows us to work from anywhere, and anytime we want to. Companies are now giving flexible work from home options to their employees which not only helps the organizations with cutting down operational costs; as well as it increases an employee's productivity, helps them save time spent on commuting, and strike a perfect work-life balance. Work from Home is relatively a new concept; not just for women who are on maternity leave or need to stay home on medical grounds. However, those companies where employees need not interact with clients or colleagues in order to complete a project are offered work from home option as it helps them focus on a particular project, and save precious time spent on commute to work & back.

Work from home jobs have helped employers to control attrition rates, maintain higher employee retention rate and save on operational costs; such as electricity, internet and transport. Work from home options have majorly been confined to IT and Software industry; but now the trend has changed organizations from varied sectors are hiring employees for work from home jobs for various functions or profiles. Primarily, big corporations such as Accenture, IBM, Wipro and Infosys offer work from home jobs for professionals from the IT Domain, nevertheless there are wide array of work from home jobs for non-IT functions. Lets take a look at these new age work from home job options.

Book keeping professional
This work from home job is for those who are comfortable with number crunching and loved accounting as a subject in school. Accounting being an essential function for every organization can be an assurance of regular income with this work from home job option. Your role would revolve around creating ledger, reports, accounts payable and receivables using Excel or Tally. A know how of accounting requirements in US will increase your earning potentials. Taking up short term accounting courses will allow you to upskill youself as an accounting professional and help you get acquainted to advance concepts of accounting.

Human Resource/ Recruitment Coordinator
Human resource professionals or recruitment coordinators are the individuals who help organizations find the right talent. Earlier, organizations used to hire full time human resource professionals to search for resources, conduct interviews, process paperwork, employee training and manage job postings. Various start-ups and small sized organizations hire human resource or recruitment coordinators to oversee the recruitment processes, inducting new hires and facilitate on-boarding. Work from home jobs for this profile can easily be found on credible and trustworthy job sites.

Vacation planning consultant
Work from home jobs can be really exciting if they suit your interests. If travelling has been your passion, you can take it to the next level by being a vacation planning consultant. This is one of the latest profile in work from home jobs. In this role, you would be working in unison with hotels and clients to carve a perfect holiday for them. The requisites for this work from home job option is that you should be a seasoned traveller and an individual with strong communication skills.

Pay Package for work from home jobs
Remuneration or pay package for work from home jobs depends up on the nature of employment. If you are hired for full-time job, then you shall be entitled for an annual compensation with components like home allowance, medical and insurance. Those who are hired on a contract basis or for a project; can chalk out a payment plan with their respective client or employer which can be an hourly rate, on the basis of a task completed or could be based on the complexity of the project with a one shot payment once the project is delivered. Working for a full time work from home job is advisable for those who posses professional qualification in a particular domain such as IT and have a defined skill set with proven expertise and less reliance on supervision must go for work from home jobs. As it will ensure high productivity levels, greater sense of job security, steady income flow and a perfect work-life balance.
Those who are looking at skill based work from home jobs as that of a vacation consultant, must work on an fixed rate for every assignment along with the commissions from hotels. This will ensure a pipeline of payments and a stable monthly income.

Career path to avail work from home job options
Work from home job options are mostly skilled based jobs, which need no formal education in your skill, they just require proven track record of your professional expertise in a particular domain of your choice, which of course should coincide with your hobbies or interests. As far as polishing your skill set is concerned; internet is a wisest guide. Constantly update your skills by looking up the internet for tutorials, videos and reading material which is available in abundance. Keep a strong professional network in your domain. Attend workshops, seminars and meetup to exchange ideas and knowledge with other professionals who are working in the same sector as you are, this will also help you get known to the recent trends and developments in the market.

Technology has made it possible for various professions to telecommute or work from home. More and more companies are expanding their operations online, where the tasks are completed remotely by their employees. This might come as a surprise for you, if your job role entails least interaction with clients or fellow team mates, then you can take up work from home option if your employer has it in their HR policy. Those who want to spend more time with their family, along with focused professional goals shall opt for work from home jobs and witness higher levels of productivity, enhanced efficiency and a perfect work-life balance.

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