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Work clock on Comm22 near the stop

Backside of the Comm22 construciton site. THrusday, August 14.
Backside of the Comm22 construciton site. THrusday, August 14.
Adam Benjamin

Building hundreds of affordable homes, and dozens of senior homes, in Logan Heights will start an experiment in barrio rebuilding. Soon. After more than a decade the blocks on Commercial Avenue, near 22nd Street, stayed a no mans land, filled with paled and pealing old manufacturing buildings, and dirty no sidewalk walkways.

Scaffolding betwee buildings at the Bridge Housing residenttial construciton site on Commerical Ave in Logan HEights. August 14th.
Adam Benjamin

Bridge Housing's Comm22 mixed use residential and retail development, will take in the trolley car loads of local workers and customers that come off the Orange Line cars that stop a run past the village front blocks east, at 25th Street. Three new barrio buildings already stand. Four stories high.

Last week, the construction team workers set up the home fronts. Giving the fronts the characteristic white, and Chicano earth colors, looks. Windows filled the loong rows of housing openings.

A first floor storefront stood on Commercial Avenue. In a line of fronts. Bare. But, built with an easily seen front window.

Comm22 is already a strong presence on the southeast San Diego street.

The full home and store counts are there. Just no landscaping yet on the dirt lots constructon workers use to set up building work.

Celinings are smooth. Though there is plenty of work left to do before COmm22 buildings have their finished barrio life lines, inside and out.

Paint dries hard in the SUmmer sun. Logan HIeghts is a barrio undergoing open development work. The blocks near 22nd street are not typical barrio blocks.

See the work lines on the three buildings in the COmm22 building work slideshow. The work is a stand out sight in the southeast barrio.

THis is a Ffront Story CLip.