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Work at Home: the reality of making a living from the comfort of your bedroom

get paid in cash at home
get paid in cash at home
WAHN 2009

The internet is a pretty crazy thing. Everywhere you turn there's a new social network, a new email service, a new way to save money, and the constant allure of knowing that other people somewhere are making their living in a hassle-free way online. At one time or another we've all had that vision of ourselves working for the roof over our heads entirely without ever leaving our beds.

I'm here to tell you definitively today that this type of work does exist. I know it for a fact. That's how I make the bulk of my living. Today I'd like to guide you through the story of how I came to work through multiple companies from my bedroom, and how it subsequently has helped me live my life as a flexible and happy human being. You can do it too, but you've got to be smart about how you get there.

I began looking into the possibility of online work slightly after I left my full-time job working for Staples as the head of an Easytech department where I live in CT. I needed something flexible. The band that I play in had just started to take off, and a rigorous touring schedule and an inconsistent payment plan was fast on the horizon. I had to come up with a flexible way to make money both on the road and at home. I didn't need scraps, I didn't want to read emails for $.10/piece. What I needed was a job.

Then, almost as if fate itself had plopped this opportunity into my lap -- I forgot my password and got locked out of one of my accounts. I had no choice but to talk to a 24 hr live chat representative to retrieve my password and reset my account. Jeff from Kansas came on to the live chat and his extremely friendly and well spoken nature took me aback. This man wasn't in a call center and he wasn't in an office - it was 11:00 PM. Somewhere in Kansas, Jeff was sitting on his computer doing his job and being paid for it. So I asked him how he got the job...and that's what led me to where I am now.

Jeff talked to me about how live chat representation and email/phone customer service was a line of work he's been in for years. Think about it --every company would love to pay an American citizen to provide quality live chat customer service to their clientele and you've got the brains to do it! Jeff gave me a list of some of the companies that he'd applied with in the past and I did the very same. I applied to online customer service jobs of all sorts and about four weeks later I started to hear back. I now work on a 1099 for a few small companies doing different jobs for about 45 hours a week that don't counteract with one another; and together they make up the money that pays my bills.

I'd love to point you all in the direction of the company that will be the exact right fit for you, but there's so many possibilities out there it would be foolish to even begin to try. My best recommendation would be to take to your favorite search engine and dig. There are real employers out there that are looking for an intelligent and personable character just like yourself to fill an entry level position. Give it a try, and hopefully snag yourself some extra spending money. It may not pay your bills right away but if you keep at it, there's a good chance it could.

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