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Work at home exercise routine

My writing day includes gadening for exercise.
My writing day includes gadening for exercise.
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Exercise is part of my online writing routine. A home based desk job often means hours of sitting at the computer. This amount of inactivity leads to weight gain and other health issues.Those who work at home may find it especially important to squeeze that exercise in.

Time management

Online writers and others with a home based desk job may not always find time for an exercise routine. Time away from the desk means money lost in the world of online writing. The trick is incorporating an exercise routine into the work at home workday.


Schedule exercise just as you would assignments or tasks. Having a routine for work breaks helps. The online writing job is a restless occupation. Avoid the routine of running to the fridge when boredom strikes. Keep a glass of water handy and do stretches when bored.

Sit and be fit

Sitting home at a desk doesn't have to mean sitting still. Strap on the wrist weights and work arms between thoughts. Lift heels alternately to work calf muscles while writing at the keyboard. Sit up straight for good posture exercise. Facial exercise requires no hands.

How I do it

My online writing workday begins at 8:00. A 30 minute walk, workout or strenuous household chore starts the day before sitting down at the writing desk. Walking helps me think up writing ideas or go over assignments. Exercise is energizing to the mind and body. Morning exercise curbs the restlessness of a work at home desk job.

Turn the music on.

Keep the volume loud enough for alertness, not loud enough to cause distraction. The rhythm encourages movement such as wiggling or tapping feet to the music. Make up little exercise routines to do while working.

Take mini exercise breaks between articles.

I alternate between the home exercise bike and a small stool used for stair stepping. The music gets cranked up a notch and so does the exercise pace. Online writers work at home. No one complains about the volume. If you have the room, why not add a workout room or corner in your home?

Lunch break usually means fruit and veggies.

Combine them with orange juice for a delicious smoothie. Mixing up a salad keeps boredom out of the lunch routine. After this light lunch, take another half hour walk around the neighborhood or run errands on foot.

No vegetation of the body allowed

The afternoon is spent much the same way as the morning. Housework and gardening chores are substituted for exercise on breaks. Allowing myself to sit and vegetate while working at my online writing assignments is simply not allowed.

Being a good boss to yourself helps.

Work at home jobs require extra discipline. You are the boss. You are responsible for motivating yourself. That includes watching your health through proper diet and exercise. A healthy worker is a happy worker.

This article was previously published by this author on Yahoo! It has been updated and revised for Examiner.

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