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Work and art go together

For most people, work is hard, difficult and sometimes terribly boring.

But for Charles Walker, a professional painter is a joy. Walker is a member of the Highwaymen, a group of older Florida African American painters who traveled the State of Florida to sell their paintings. They can remember a time when African Americans had little or no access to art galleries. But they worked through the difficulties and become successful.

"I paint landscapes and paint Florida natural wildlife. I love painting. It is something I love to do," said Walker.

He was among a group of Highwaymen who recently displayed their work in Pompano Beach.

James Gibson call also remember what it was like to travel the state in effort to sell paintings. "I remember what it was like to struggle to sell paintings. I was able to sell my paintings to political leaders and I did well as a painter," said Gibson.

Many of the Highwaymen are getting older. But they still love to paint and when the get together, they discuss the old days and how they overcame the difficulties of a bygone era.

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