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Words of Resistance poetic fundraiser for Points of Distribution (POD)

Words of Resistance
Words of Resistance
Courtesy of Words of Resistance

Friday, February 28, 2014 from 7pm to 10pm, Words of Resistance will be hosting a fundraising event, “Don’t Try to Tame My Rambling Ways,” at Rock, Scissors, and Paper Collective, located at 2278 Telegraph Ave. in Oakland, California. The event is free and open to the public, who will be able to donate if they so choose at a table once inside.

“Don’t Try to Tame My Rambling Ways” will feature an open mike and stream of consciousness poetry. The open invitation to poets says, “bring your raucous ramblings, stream of consciousness, sleep conscious musings for a night of open floor, radical rambling poetry.”

“Words of Resistance is a unique space for a reading series that offers an open floor to anyone to come in and read. Many poets find their voices on the floor of WoR,” said WoR organizer Andrea Abi-Karam. “As an explicitly political event, the work shared is not what one may expect at a quintessential academic reading. People share squat stories, protest stories, arrest stories, and struggles against oppression. We especially aim to create a safe space for feminists and queers to express themselves.”

The group they are raising funds for, Points of Distribution (POD) is a nonprofit, volunteer run collective that has provided street-based outreach to primarily homeless individuals in Oakland and San Francisco since 2001. Because POD did not receive key funding this year, they have had to make cuts and seek out alternative funding. Words of Resistance,

“POD has deep roots in political activism and anti-oppressionism. This event reflects some of the values that POD was created around. Our founders not only believed in harm reduction, but in mitigating some of the social consequences the drug war has had on the homeless,” said POD member in training Jessica Mery

Political activism is important to the creative mission of WoR.

“Poetry is a form of expression that has escaped the mainstream capitalist market. On the one hand that means it has been denied public space and presence,” said Andrea Abi-Karam . “On the other, that means that it has not been entirely co-opted by mainstream culture mongers. In this way, poetry occupies a liminal space between fighting for space to exist, and not asking permission to exist, resist, and challenge. From poetry comes community.”

POD is also accepting donations online at its webpage:

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