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Words of Encouragement to Give You Purpose

We all desire to lead happy and fulfilled lives and if we look around it seems like most people are relatively content; at least for most of the time, but is this really true? On the surface everything appears quite normal; we are professional, productive and considerably content. But deep down on the inside there is constant emptiness and longing for more out of life. Can you relate to this? Well, there is a reason for this feeling and it is not necessarily a negative thing; it is actually quite the opposite! You see God created us to have a relationship with him; it is hard-wired into our system so-to-speak. And this feeling will not go away until it is acknowledged properly and acted upon in the right way. You see we can do all the things in the world to try and fill this void with activities such as work, sports, hobbies, and friends and while none of these things are necessarily negative they are just not going to suffice. Why? Because the real problem is a separation from our creator and this cannot be remedied with busyness or people. In the beginning man walked with God in the Garden of Eden enjoying each others company. Wow! One can only imagine how blissful that must have been. But now life is filled with busyness and God has to speak to our hearts to get our attention. And we must realize that he is a gentle God, tugging on our heart strings so-to-speak. We can go years and years without ever really addressing this inner yearning. But God never gives up on his creation and he loves you dearly and that is why this fire in your soul will never go out.

Now you may get the impression that this article is about being religious but it is not! At least not in the sense of rules or regulations; instead it is about the love of God and his grace. He desires for every soul to come back to him! He sent his son into the world to satisfy the severe payment of sin (John 3:16). And now everyone can enjoy a wonderful relationship with their heavenly father. Jesus opened the door to salvation! That feeling you have deep down inside is actually Jesus knocking on your heart’s door (Revelation 3:20). Jesus said that he would draw all men unto himself (John 12:32). So what does one do about this feeling? Well quite simply put you need to pray to God and ask him to come into your heart and make you a new creation (2nd Corinthians 5:17). This prayer is commonly called the sinner’s prayer, you see we were all born into sin (Roman 3:23, Romans 5:12). But the great news is that Jesus came to solve the sin problem! He is the second Adam but not of the earth or earthy; instead a life giving spirit from heaven! (1st Corinthians 15:45).

God is the one who will guide you but you first must accept him into your heart (John 3:3, Roman 10:19). And remember this does not have to be done publicly; a person can become saved anywhere! As mentioned before this article is not about rules but about God’s grace and all men are saved by grace not rules (Eph 2:8).

Please check out this article about how to become born-again . God bless you friends and may this be the best day of your life!

By Gordon E. Dawe

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