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Words from Elijah Autumn

Destiny is a word that is packed full of challenges. It requires a series of choices and decisions that point our way down each and every path. These choices and decisions are what will eventually lead us to our final walk, and to each of our destinies. These two actions however depend on two factors. Complete trust and complete freedom are the determining factors that will decide whether our destinies will be fulfilled or whether they will not. Destiny is indeed the outcome designed for each of us, but I’m here to tell you fear and spiritual confinement can put a brick wall around you and can stop all good things from coming your way.

Free will is a gift of the Divine. It allows for our victories and our failures. In each, whether it be victory or failure a choice was made and a path was chosen. On our journey we will be on many paths, regardless of what any man may claim. There are many paths leading to the same direction, though they may appear as they do not. These paths will cross each other at different points and times, and though each of us may be walking down a different pathway presently, understand this, that in no way means we won’t end up at the same final location at the end.

Each time a failure comes from our choice or decision a lesson is learned and a new path becomes clear. Do not judge anyone for their present path but understand that if they are led by the spirit it is for a valid reason. Our salvation and destiny does not come from man’s law or church membership but solely and completely through spiritual intervention. Yes, we do learn things from our teachers, our mentors and our spiritual leaders but salvation comes from an epiphany that leads to revelation. To have that, we must have trust and complete freedom.

Along with our destiny each of us searches for true love. But true love requires a freedom that has no bounds, for real love has no conditions of merit or standard. It requires a trust that supersedes natural human limits but is metaphorically simply set free within us as kaleidoscope of brilliant emotions that carry us to a world that only lovers can imagine. It is a free flow of perfect love and perfect trust. These two actions are carried on our choices and our decisions on how we will approach life and people. Yes, there are pains that come with trust but in it we believe that in the pain we were taught and become stronger people.

What is all this saying? It’s simple really. Throughout the world we find people scrambling and searching for love, their purpose, their calling, and to simply find something to truly believe in, when the whole time, all that they had searched for, already lied within them. Even Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within us. It isn’t any outward kingdom where we find salvation and contentment, it is within us.

The issues lies in our choice, of do we trust and do we decide on freedom? Does our life allow for free choice and free love? Are we full of judgment or are we full of grace? Do we love with conditions or do we love unconditionally? Are we free to walk our path without condemnation, and condemnation can come from us as well as others? Can we trust the spirit enough to walk into darkness and to love when pain may certainly be an outcome?

Freedom comes from trust doesn’t it? Trust in something bigger than we are. Its trust in the Divine, and knowing that if our intentions are true, the spirit will not fail us no matter how dark things may appear at the present time. We know and understand that in all things good and bad, good can come from it. We are not slaves to the world but are free to the spirit and understand life and creation for all that it is. We refuse to be bound by vain law but chose to fly with the eagles and to feel even though not every emotion is a pleasant one. We are free, are you?

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