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Words for relieving laughter to turn heads at the SD Rep

"Honky" to stir up SAn Diego theater crowdds at the Rep November.
"Honky" to stir up SAn Diego theater crowdds at the Rep November.
Adam Benjamin

Hours locals handle life's fronts open at the San Diego Repertory Theater in September. The "provocative theater" will help theater fans move ahead on their way of life. Breaking in the painist off a New York run onto the downtown stage to do a stand up msuci routine.

San Diego Rep "feeds the curious soul," they say.

Love for an unsafe walk of life will follow the artist's musical journey. Keeping a satire on race lived on new grounds off the Horton Plaza Lyceum stage would let comfortable indeceny in social words stay settled. Silence on race is the uproar.

Stop and think, in art, can change the future steps taken in life. "Progressive political and social lives" do not stay simple at the SD Rep. November, Honky will open up laughter on irreproachable black and white words. No stopping for blind acceptance.

To writer Greg Kalleres, laughter is much better than a rebuff. The theater will not shy away from a profound truth. Words on race must touch the ears. "Honky is a hilarious comedy not afraid to ask dicey questions and offer daring answers."

Audiences will have nothing to lose when they see the shooting of a black teenager wearing popular "Sky Max" shoes. Even an appreciation of a less than ideal Abraham Lincoln's exposed hallucinations will not cut too dep.

For the inquisitive, the art production never will sound overworked. Just relieving.

Rash dramas over cross-racial love affairs can stay private. But, not the life lessons learned from two lovers who cross the same road, and face the desires of love taken up with simple hopes.

San Diego Repertory Theater's new season line up will expose the San Diego community to the future possibilities in life. Take it off hand. Or, take the intended uplifting stand seriously.

The line continues next week. . . .

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