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Words are a treasure: Celebrate Thesaurus Day

On January 18 in the year 1779 was born a man called Peter Mark Roget. He is the author of the Roger’s Thesaurus. He had a very successful career in medicine and had a thought and dream about the book he wanted to write. Once he was retired from the medical field he started to tackle his project and it took the rest of his life.

Thesaurus Day is a day to be wordy!

He created the “Roger’s Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases” and published it in 1852. This book since 1852 is very special and has never been out of print.

Celebrate “Thesaurus Day” every year on January 18 and dare yourself to get wordy!

The original thesaurus contained 15,000 words that was divided into sub categories: existence, relation, quantity, number and time. Today the thesaurus is still divided between ideas and concepts, not aphabetically and contains over 230,000 words.

The word thesaurus is Latin and when translated to English means treasure. Learning words and building a vocabulary is one of the greatest we can give ourselves. It is amazing how many new words you can use in place of ones you are familiar with now. Try changing up your style and add a few new words into your vocabulary each week and you will be surprised how many words you will remember, understand and put into context while talking and writing throughout your lives.

Dust off your copy, crack it open and be amazed at all that you can learn – so start now and celebrate “Thesaurus Day!”

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