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'Words And Pictures (2013)' Movie Review:

Words And Pictures (2013)
Words And Pictures (2013)

When a famous painter comes to teach at a private prep school and will be instructing those students into a world of pictures, it might conflict with the written world. Dina Delsanto (Juliette Binoche) suffers from rheumatoid arthritis but is still able to instruct students about her art. Jack Marcus (Clive Owen) is a literature teacher at the prep school and suffers from alcoholism. He is spiraling out of control and when he meets Dina well lets say sparks are a flying.

Can these two actually pull off a romance or is it just words vs. pictures between the two. Can the pen be mightier than the brush? This is what the students will have to deal with and figure out. What's funny is the two teachers are also having to decide which one rules.

Dina's arthritis is troubling but not as much as Jack's alcoholism. He really is going to lose it but can Dina pull him out of his despair and return him to a normal life. This movie can be a bit strange, but it has some interesting elements that you may feel are bit off.

Director Fred Schepisi has brought these two actors together in a film that borders sometimes on the absurd. The movie does make a person question some things and it confuses at the same time. When you are finished watching this film you will be pondering many items about the reality of the film. In other words you will be questioning what you came away with romance, comedy or drama. You may decide that you saw all three in a bizarre sort of way. Be fascinated and enjoy.