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Word Grab may be the best letter or word app

Plan out your strategy if you play Word Grab
Plan out your strategy if you play Word Grab
Word Grab

Word and letter game apps are nothing new to your smartphone or tablet, but the new Word Grab might be something a little better than the current word apps you are accustomed to playing.

Word Grab, a free app for both Android and iOS platforms is all about forming a word strategy.

"Word Grab is going to challenge all of you word game players," says Word Grab developer Barry Kaplan. "It’s part Scrabble and part Othello (not Shakespeare ....the Black and white classic tile game). The game works on your spatial intelligence and word knowledge at the same time."

How is it played:

Word Grab explains:

Word Grab is tactical word games that teams a player versus a computer opponent or other players online. Players compete against their opponents and earn points by creating words in a horizontal or vertical direction on the grid using single letter tiles that were randomly dispersed to them. The players have tiles of different colors. The goal of the game is to have the majority of your color tiles on the board at the end of the game. More points can be “grabbed” from the opponent by surrounding their letters with yours to create your words.

It's fun and since you can play against the computer, a game can be completes rather quickly.

And the levels can get harder if you desire.

Kaplan says there are ebbs and flows within the game.

"Players of Word Grab will enjoy the reversal of fortune aspect of this game. Just when you think you've just made the best killer play with a word, your opponent can capitalize on your last move without necessarily using the letters Q, Z, J or X (all tiles are worth one point). The playing field is level in this game.”

Get Word Grab for your smartphone or tablet and start working on your strategy.

Word Grab can be played in English, Spanish or French by all people of all ages and actually helps improve vocabulary and increase strategic thinking.

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