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Word games in May

words within words
words within words
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Word games
There are many word games, of course, and many have been used in these articles. This writer has even played Scrabble in French and German and has invented two board games: ‘Backtalk’ and ‘Making Ends Meet’.

Among the many word games is the game of deriving words from a given word. Today the challenge will be to take the words ‘Word Games’ and see what you can come up with. Now don’t cheat and use Scrabble tiles. Do it all out of your head.

You may use plurals, people’s names and also foreign words. Than compare your list with the following list. So, from


Ago, awe, awed, ade, age, aged, adore, arm, Ames, as, are, ado, am, dam, dame, dream, dare, draw, dog, doge, dram, dorm, dose, dosage, dear, dregs, drew, draw, draws, drag, dew, doe, does, do, deworm, dome, ear, ears, ergo, gear, gad, gads, God, gods, gram, grow, grew, gore, gores, gam, gams, germ, germs, gem, gems, go, goes, gas, gar, goad, game, gamer, gorse, gear, more, maw, mesa, mega, mad, made, mead, mow, me, mew, mews, mode, owe, or, ore, oar, oars, redo, ram, rams, roam, rag, rage, ream, red, read, rod, raw, road, roe, row, rowed, rose, sword, swear, swore, sag, sage, same, sore, smear, sad, sod, soar, smog, so, sea, swag, swage, swam, saw, sego, Sam, soda, sow, wag, wags, was, war, wore, wage, wed, ware, wear, wade, wad, woe, ward, worse, wormed., wam

The following words are from French, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Polish and Latin.
There are probably some more foreign words to be found.

Mes, merd, mer, dar, ser, ma, se, mag, dag, ord, dra, mas, dos, der, das, dem, med, amo, de, drog, sed, des, mor, rom.

Did you learn any words? How about, swage, mew and gorse?

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