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Woody Allen, Dylan Farrow and the statute of limitations on sex crimes

After famed actor Woody Allen was awarded the “Life Acheivement Award” by the Golden Globe, his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow responded.

Woody Allen accused of incest by daughter Dylan Farrow
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This past Saturday the New York Times published Dylan Farrow’s heartfelt letter regarding Woody Allen sexually assaulting her over twenty years ago. Woody Allen allegedly committed incest, when he allegedly raped his daughter Dylan Farrow.

Back in 1993, the Connecticut prosecutors who investigated the case never filed charges against Woody Allen. The now retired, Litchfield County states attorney-- Frank Maco, stated in an Associated Press interview, that “he suspected the abuse occur, yet the case lacked evidence to prosecute –– so no arrest was made.”

Upon review of Connecticut’s statute of limitations on sex crimes, there seems to be some discrepancy with the information provided by Frank Maco and the states statute.

According to the Connecticut statute § 53a-70, there is NO statute of limitations on felony sexual assault, it appears that if the states attorney’s office would be willing to press charges against Allen, he could still be arrested.

If Woody Allen ever transported Dylan Farrow across state lines, or even out of the country to engage in a sex act –– it would make the alleged crime a federal offense, meaning it should be handled by both the FBI and the U.S States attorney’s office.

Perhaps instead of giving Woody Allen awards, it is time we all demand that Dylan Farrow be given her day in court, either in the state of Connecticut or within a federal jurisdiction.

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