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Woodstock, VT: Historic, Charming and Green


Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park

When I told my mother I was traveling to Woodstock she replied in a deadpan voice "Oh are you going to a concert?" I explained it was the "other" Woodstock,  located in the beautiful green state of Vermont.  And when I say "green" I mean much more than the pastoral setting of meadows, soft rolling hills and woodsy natural environment in abundant display throughout the state. In fact, to dig a little deeper, the origin of the state's name is derived from the French words, "vert mont," translated as "green mountain."  The nickname refers to the Green Mountain National Forest that runs through the center of Vermont.  Now we can even go a step further.  Vermonters are very proud of the fact that green has a double meaning for them.  The state also carries the reputation of being a "clean and green" state promoting a healthy lifestyle and promoting itself as an environmental leader. From east to west and north to south, the countryside is wonderfully appealing in many ways in every season for those travelers looking for more sustainable options.

While you can travel all over Vermont and get a taste of great hiking, outdoor recreation, arts and crafts, organic foods and a pure lifestyle; I will provide a series of articles that will focus on the village of Woodstock, considered the "Shire town of Windsor County" in central Vermont.  Most often you might hear it described as a "picture-perfect New England town," or as a "quaint historical village."   The charming vintage beauty of its covered bridges and village green make it a great place for a weekend jaunt or for a more relaxing extended stay. There are plenty of activities to occupy any interest level with a cornucopia of sustainable and organic food choices to keep travelers fueled throughout their stay. 

It's important to note Woodstock's passionate effort to become a more sustainable community.  The group "Sustainable Woodstock" held their first conference in spring of 2009. The event "Our Green Villages" struck a chord with the participating attendees who identified key initiatives of importance to the community.  The Sustainable Woodstock Blog lists them as: "deepening connections with the local food system; economic development; renewable energy for Woodstock; responding to the growing interest in handcrafts and traditional skills; local transportation alternatives; developing a social environment that allows locals to connect more deeply with each other; taking care of the natural environment/natural resources; and the need for leadership to help keep all of these initiatives moving forward."

Travelers to Woodstock can see the evidence of the village's sustainable efforts.  Committed to protecting the natural resources and ecosystems, the group's members recognize the vital links this effort has to the local tourist industry and strives to create ways to secure, protect and enhance these areas.  Diners can shop and eat at the local restaurants and farmer's markets for fresh local produce and locally sourced food items.  Hikers, cyclists and Adventurers will enjoy the 30 miles of historic trails joining two mountains and the village, working farms dot the landscape where tourists can visit and provide a working hand, hand-crafts and traditional skills of artisans are found throughout the pastoral surroundings such as finely-crafted furniture and pottery makers.




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  • Maralyn D Hill 5 years ago

    Gigi, You did a great job capturing the essence of Woodstock, VT. I look forward to future articles.