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Wooden toys are making a comeback.


A Lincoln Logs sawmill

We all played with them.  With the advent of electronic toys they became an endangered species, but they are making a comeback.

Lincoln Logs, Tinker toys, Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles are among the best, and oldest games around.

Most on line toy stores offer a wide variety of wooden toys to choose from. And sometimes, it’s easier to find what you want because modern toy stores these days mostly sell plastic toys. Retailers such as Toys R Us have a small assortment of "retro" wooden toys, primarily Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles.  An example of just such a website is here:

The Charlotte area has a wide selection of local retailers that offer wooden toys as well.

Wooden toys have a long history of being under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.  Most Christmas carols and stories and 1960's claymation tv shows show and reference wooden toys only.  There is a place in all children's toy box for a wooden toy or two, if for nothing else than nostalgia.  Modern plastic and electronic toys have their place in todays kid's lives, but unfortunately these are too often than not used as babysitters.  Wooden toys involve children's imaginations and foster development of social skills as they can be wonderful toys to play with parents with as well.  A wooden horse can be anything a child wants it to be or serve any purpose.  A Nintendo DS will never have the ability to do anything else but play video games.  In the current era of everything "retro", take a good look at wooden toys as they are as classic as it comes and offer a welcome diversion to the instant babysitters of electronic toys.  Your baby wants to interact with you, not just be entertained.

Likewise, there is nowhere that wooden toys cannot be played with.  They can be found  indoors and outdoors. Maintenance for wooden toys is very simple. Use a wet cloth to clean the surface, and spray the toy with an inhibitor if you want. Wooden toys such as wooden furniture, doll houses, or kitchen play sets all allow children to development their imagination to the fullest.  The key here is imagination, something video games do not foster. 

The bottom line is please add wooden toys to your child's toy box.  You will be amazed at how imaginative he'she is when given a toy that has no boundaries.

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  • Kevin Huston 5 years ago

    We have all kinds of the puzzles and only buy trains that are made of wood(ie Thomas)..As long as wood can stay competitive when it comes to price it should stay relevant..

  • Johnny 3 years ago

    Thanks for all the information about wooden toys. As a general contractor in Petoskey, I have pretty good woodworking skills and I've tried to make some wooden toys for my kids. I agree with Kevin...wood needs to stay at a competitive price, otherwise it will be too expensive to buy or even make those wonderful wooden toys.

  • Johnny 3 years ago

    Oh, and here is a web site to some of the work I do:

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing all this useful information! Wooden toys do not seem as popular as they once were, but it's nice to know that they are still around. I agree with both Johnny and Kevin...if we want to give our kids wooden toys, the wood needs to stay at a decent price. Just like masonry work, wood work can be competitive and needs to stay on top of the competition.

  • Rick 3 years ago

    I loved playing with Lincoln Logs as a kid! It's actually kinda funny, when we were kitchen remodeling virginia beach home I actually used Lincoln Logs to do the basic lay out that I wanted. Thanks for the post!

  • Steven Brule MD 3 years ago

    Thanks kinda funny rick, I kinda did the same thing when I did my basement finishing. Instead of using lincoln logs, I used those old wooden blocks tat used to come with toy cars. Man that was a fun project!