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‘Wooden Sen'SeY’ initial thoughts

"Wooden Sen'Sey" will give you deja-vu, but the good kind.

Initial Thoughts on "Wooden Sen'Sey"
Neko Entertainment

Part old-school side-scroller another part nifty beat-em-up, the first few levels of Neko Entertainment and Upper Byte’s Wii U title “Wooden Sen’Sey” are a tribute to “Castlevania” and “Ninja Gaiden” with an art style that can only be described as part “South Park,” part “Little Big Planet.”

The story revolves around a village chief, “Goro,” who must travel through the land on a “quest for vengeance.” While the first few levels don’t give away much of the plot, the gameplay, especially the grappling, squashing and slicing, will bring back a myriad of memories for any gamer who grew up on great platformers of the Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Genesis eras.

But there are some bells and whistles to the gameplay. The use of the Nintendo Wii U gamepad to aid you in swinging while grappling is also a cool use of technology that spices up what could have just been tried-and-true gameplay. The ability to throw Goro’s grappling hook around wherever you want and with a pretty decent speed also changes the gameplay formula, allowing you to either kill everything you see or simply buzz through the level.

While the lack of a real story and charismatic lead character has the potential to stump the experience over time, it’s hard to argue early on with the ease of control, intuitive gameplay and enticing combat.

‘Wooden Sen'SeY’ is set for July 24 release on the Nintendo 3DS.

What do you think of our first impressions? Will you purchase the game when it’s available? Sound off in the comment section below.

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