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Wooden puzzles for toddlers


Puzzles are a wonderful way for babies to build dexterity and vocabulary. A colorful puzzle can introduce the concept of shapes, promote hand-eye coordination and the development of pincer muscles, and helps with problem-solving skills. Wood puzzles are sturdy and feel nice in a young child's hand. Fortunately, Hawaii parents don't need to look far to locate these puzzles: many great ones are available locally at Borders bookstores or at toy stores. Below are a few suggestions to get you started.

Melissa and Doug Wood Puzzles, from $8 and up. Melissa and Doug is a standard among wood toys, known for the craftsmanship and the colorful assortment of puzzles. The youngest children can start with easy-to-hold jumbo knob puzzles, while children who are a bit older but still chewing on things may prefer the chunky puzzles. Kids who can be trusted not to gum pieces can use the peg puzzles, which require more dexterity and have a small peg to pinch.

Name Puzzles, price varies from $9-$42. Customized name puzzles in a rainbow of colors make kids feel special while they learn their letters. Families with multiple kids: stock up for the holidays with a "buy 3 get 1 free" sale.

3D rainbow puzzle, $25. This is a puzzle and a stacking toy made of quality non-toxic materials. The rainbow's pleasing shape and colors will encourage play long after stacking mastery has been achieved.

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  • CK Iezzi 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for these recommendations! They make shopping for my nieces and nephews so much easier!

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