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Woodcock seeks mates

       The art of seduction

Ladies, you think your man cheats? Boy, have I got a story for you! Spring is in the air and so are the woodcocks, nature’s little Casanovas. They “sing a little song, do a little dance and get down tonight” for about four months. Continually. Now that’s a lot of females. They don’t call them woodcocks for nothing!

The woodcock is a stocky little sandpiper who likes to hang out in fields and struts his stuff at sunrise and sunset. I was introduced to my first woodcock sighting at Ferson Creek Fen in St. Charles early this spring. But you can see them anywhere a field is at hand if you know what to look for during the spring.

First comes the ground dance. Think of it as a lounge lizard who preens in the bar trying to attract females. Well, I guess that’s where we get it from……nature; because he does preen and does a little bump dance in circles and “peents”. Thanks to dvmiller1 we get a good view from You Tube sans the martini.

Next comes the showmanship. He flies off at great speed on a 45 degree angle into the sky with a “twitter, twitter, twitter”. Think open receiver making the winning touchdown with the cheerleaders on the sideline sighing. Then comes the great descend and the big romantic overture with a “kiss, kiss, kiss”. And you wonder where our men get it from? Who could resist our little man? MassLPWS captures the whole courtship.

Unfortunately, they do kiss and run. Like dead beat dads they provide no care. The mom nests solitarily and hatches the next batch of the little blighters. Oh, sorry, flighters.


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