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Wood sculptures show children coming of age

An enchanting display of life-size wooden sculptures is currently on view in Chelsea. For the exhibit titled The Invocation, artist Gehard Demetz’s carving depict adolescents and young children who posses maturity and wisdom beyond their years. The expressions on their faces suggesting deep thoughts of life’s challenges and complexities as they transition to adulthood, leaving the light-heartedness of youth behind. For instance, one piece portrays a girl kneeling down at the altar of a church with her eyes closed. She is only wearing one shoe, her other shoe sits on the edge of the altar.

Wood sculptures by Gehard Dimetz-slide0
The Jack Shainman Gallery
Wood sculptures by Gehard Dimetz
The Jack Shainman Gallery

Another startling sculpture features a boy wearing log, dark yellow gloves holding a handgun of the same color in his mouth. Just as intriguing a piece is that of a boy wearing long pants and overalls looking very solemn, and another face of his with his eyes closed comes off to the side. Other works include sculptures of a boy and a girl with black tears coming from their eyes. Demetz lives and works in Italy where his work has been featured in many solo and group exhibitions. At The Jack Shainman Gallery, 513 W. 20th St., through May 31. The gallery is open Tues.—Sat. from 10 a.m.—6 p.m.