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Wood floors are golden: Tips to care for hardwood floors

Hardwood floors give any room a warm, rich, beautiful and inviting look to them. The deep colors and designs in the wood is a natural wonder. The glossy shine gives them a luster you can’t get from carpet or other floor coverings.

Keep your wood floors looking beautiful!

Maintenance of hardwood floors can be intimidating or seems like hard work. This may be why so many cover up the floors natural look.

Tips to care for hardwood floors:

  • Use a dust mop or soft bristled brush to pick up dirt, dust or pet hair. Keeping your floors clean at all times will prevent its finish from getting a worn or spotty look to them.
  • Never use a vacuum cleaner over a wood floor. The bristles, bristles and plastic wheels can mar the surface of your floors and leave scratches.
  • Always use felt discs under all furniture legs. Whether you move the pieces around or someone accidentally bumps into a table or chair, the sliding action can scrape or put permanent scratches into the wood surface. The felt padding underneath protects the wood from having this happen.
  • Place throw rugs or runners in high traffic areas. Those areas seem to take a beating and will show the signs of wear and tear from constant traffic leaving a dull look to the finish.
  • Always clean spills immediately. If a spill sits on the wood floor long it will try to absorb the liquid into the grain of the wood and eventually ruin the finish.
  • Use special wood cleaners that will work with your type of wood flooring. Never use a detergent with water. Water will ruin the finish; seep into the wood and over time will warp and dry out the wood.
  • Wax or polish your floors once or twice a year to retain its luster and condition the wood at the same time. Seek professionals if your floor needs a complete make-over. The cost is worth it to rejuvenate those floors and give back that rich look and shine. It is a lot of work to strip sand and refinish a floor not to mention how much time, energy and rental cost of equipment that is needed if you do it yourself. Professional will have your floors looking golden in no time at all.

Enjoy the natural beauty of your wood floors!

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