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Wood and D’Anda bring the original heroes in focus in ‘Star Wars’ #19

The Rebel Alliance is on the run from the Empire. After losing a powerful ally in the planet Arrochar, the Rebels are back in hiding trying to find a new base of operations to plan their takedown of the Galactic Empire. It is in hiding that Princess Leia receives a distress call from Seren Song an intelligence agent planted deep within the Empire. In “Star Wars” #19 from Dark Horse Comics writer Brian Wood with artists Carlos D’Anda and Gabe Elaeb begin an all new adventure following the heroes of the original “Star Wars” movies as they go on a rescue mission.

A look inside the second to last issue of Brian Wood's "Star Wars."
Hugh Fleming
Brian Wood begins the final two-part story arc of his "Star Wars" series.
Hugh Fleming

The new story takes Luke, Han, Leia and Chewbacca to the junkyard planet of Lotho Minor where they discover they are not the only ones searching for Seren. The bounty hunter IG-88 has beaten them to the scene and all he cares about is how he will spend the credits he’ll receive when he turns in his bounty.

What Wood does so well in “Star Wars” #19, as he has the previous 18 issues, is take the fast paced action fantasy plots of the movies and turned it into an episodic adventure that allows for greater exploration of the “Star Wars” characters. In this issue, Wood gets into the head of Princess Leia, a hero with the burden of leadership placed upon her shoulders. Not only does she wrestle with the diplomatic pressures of being first a Galactic Senator and Princess of Alderran, now she is becoming the face of the Rebellion. It is a position that does not leave much time for friends old and new.

The introduction of IG-88 to the series adds a new threat to the rescue team. Instead of running from Imperials, they now are facing an assassin droid heavily armed and pursuing his targets with deadly accuracy. The battle with IG-88 takes place between his ship the IG-2000 as it comes across the Millennium Falcon in orbit above the junk planet.

D’Anda’s art brings the world of “Star Wars” to life making each character recognizable from their portrayals in the movies but bringing his own animated style to the book. The result is a fantasy filled adventure that moves as quick on the page as the movies on the screen. Whether it is the character moments of friends discussing their lives or spaceships battling through the skies D’Anda delivers stunning things to look at with each panel.

Colorist Elaeb accentuates D’Anda’s art by allowing the artists true line to stay clear on the page, while adding that additional pop to the story. The tone of the colors is brighter and more developed than the bleaker colors of the movies but they do add a punch to the narrative that compliments the style of D’Anda’s art.

“Star Wars” #19 is the penultimate issue in the series by Wood, D’Anda, and Elaeb. To bring their series to a close they start the final arc of two issues bringing the original four heroes of the “Star Wars Saga” back into focus and exploring their relationships. If you have not been following this series, “Star Wars” #19 is a great time to check it out as the story does not rely on past continuity but showcases the characters we already know.

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