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Woo, woo, wooooork it girl with the Better Class

Allie got low, low, low!
Allie got low, low, low!
Sarah Coombes

A few weeks ago, the Better Class started hosting the Goddess 101 pole dancing class at Morehead Street Tavern. Well last night, this writer dragged one of her best girlfriends out and attended said class. And yes readers, it was a funny sight to see this Examiner put down her laptop and learn to lap dance instead. Let’s just say, Flo Rida won’t be writing any new songs about this exploit anytime soon.

As a way to get the group to unwind before winding down a pole, the class provided the ladies with a free drink. Last night, the drink special was the Woo Woo, a peach drink- and wooooo boy, it was good. But after the glasses were empty, well, that’s when the real party began.

Equipped with a chair, Geana, the instructor for the evening, performed an incredibly sexy chair dance. And then this writer tried to reinterpret that dance. . . notice the word tried in there. The dance involved a sexy walk around the chair, stopping every so often to lift up and massage a leg, or drop low and seductively look back at our invisible partners. Sounds easy right? But while the instructor made this dance look like something Shakira or Beyonce would do, this Examiner looked like she had dropped her pen and was reaching down to find it. But regardless of looking like a fish out of water, it was fun to try.

Well then it was time for the pole dancing. One by one the girls got up and copied the instructor’s moves. Allie, the guest this writer dragged with her, not only worked it, she posed for pictures for this article- and that deserves an extra cocktail.

Geana taught us “the firefighter,” the classic swing down the pole move, as well as two other dance moves. From a distance it was easy to think, “that doesn’t look so bad,” until it was time to get up there. However readers, the whole group, including this Examiner, perfected at least one of the moves. And for that, the ladies all left feeling pretty good about their inner vixens.

At the end of the class, the instructor let the group get up there and do a little free-styling. When class started, one of the students yelled out “this is like Vegas, what goes down here stays here,” and on that note, this writer won’t share what happened during free-style.

However, it was a good opportunity to learn more from Geana. When it came to hanging and swinging effortlessly from the pole, she had those moves perfected. “Some of these moves took me a few months to learn, others took me a year,” said Geana. This writer would need a few more cocktails before trying those out.

Interested in finding that inner goddess? Well there’s a class next Monday, too. To find out more about location, costs and other information, go here.

Geana’s answer was shortened for brevity.


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