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Wonderworks for Science and Smirks

There are so many perks at the Orlando Wonderworks, attempting to try them all, you'll go berserks.

Test your basketball skills.
Test your basketball skills.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views
Create a bubble masterpiece at Wonderworks.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views

Each way, there's something new, something hands on to do; make a bubble you can step into.

Pilot a virtual ride. Pretend it's an airplane, and you're inside. Try your best not to collide.

Look like an astronaut. Is that a ceiling or a parking lot? Why are things upside down in this spot?

Pardon me, madame, but is that your lovely hologram? See yourself reflected in a fog damn.

I've heard tales about a bed of long, sharp nails. Want to experience it and tell me the details?

Pull up a seat and have a meal that's complete with drinks and pizza that's all you can eat.

That beard is elastic, the disguise looks a tad tragic, but there's definitely comedy with magic.

Laugh at jokes by Tony, be amazed, chowing pizza with pepperoni; it's clever with slapstick baloney.

Giggle until the show is done, then it's time for more fun. Shoot out a laboratory with a gun.

Be a first shot trailblazer. Stalk and scream like a hellraiser, as you tag your friend with a lazer.

Look at an optical illusion and feel a little brain confusion. Is that real, or are you seeing delusion?

Put on your thinking cap. Find yourself on the map. Get harnessed in and snug up the strap.

Dangle from a little rope. Dreams of circus looks to have hope. Balance on a beam with a slope.

Tight rope from the ceiling. Slip; oh, what a feeling. Black light colors have senses reeling.

It's like being on another planet. Don't fall hard like granite. Deodorant's working, pomegranate.

Just grab up and dangle, see the room from a different angle, then hoof one foot over and wrangle

yourself around the ledge. A single rope to balance, dredge up guts to go while rounding the edge.

Conquer any fear of heights. Grip until your knuckle whites. Enjoy the sights with black lights.

Have a seat that correlates with a movie, the feelings are groovy. Challenge friends and vie

to be the one who can relax the best. It's just a short test. Music and lights make it hard to rest.

What's going on inside the painted rose? Is that someone with a long nose? They're without clothes?

Adults chuckle at the bawdy. Here's a hand dripping paint with no body. It's artful, not gaudy.

Think of panic as you feel water temps of Titanic. How long can you endure before going manic?

Use your feet to play piano. Try your hand at free throw. Win a challenge, big smile and eyes aglow.

For more on Wonderworks in Orlando, FL, visit The author of more than 100 books, Marisa Williams earned her Master's in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University. For more by Marisa, visit and

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