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Wonderfully macabre Australian PSA shows the dire consequences of cutting class

In Australia, they really, really want kids to stay in school, and they're willing to go to some pretty extreme lengths to make sure the message gets across. A new PSA from the Learn For Life Organization has a graphic lesson in store for those kids who think playing hooky is in their best interests.

A group of teens get a big time surprise when they take a day off from school.
Screenshot courtesy, Learn For Life Foundation

It all begins with idyllic, slow-moving shots of beautiful teens escaping the confines of their dull-looking high school and it's ultra square inhabitants, who look like they were pulled straight from a Twisted Sister video.

The rebellious youngsters flee joyfully to a beach that's soaked in perfect, golden sunlight. Stripping down to their bathing suits, the quartet frolic in water that seems so clear and warm, you begin to yearn to be there with them, away from the confines of your own classroom (or, in my case, cubicle).

Forget school, you think, this is the worst PSA ever.

Two of the young people return to the beach, retreating to find a little illicit privacy. A young woman lures her boyfriend across the sand towards their vehicle … and that's about the time things take a sharp (and extremely graphic) left turn. I won't ruin it for you, because the surprise is half the fun. Fair warning, though, it's not for those with a weak stomach.

But if you're of the right kind of slanted temperament, this might be the greatest PSA of all time. You'll definitely value your basic education by the time the ad is over (and isn't that the whole point?). You can check the video out right here.

Again, the ad is not for frequent viewers of the Hallmark Channel.

Learn for Life commissioned a pair of award-winning Australian short film directors, Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann, who run "Perth-based production company, Perfectly Adequate." The duo's comedy shorts have garnered a lot of acclaim in Australia, marking them as rising stars in the industry. We'll let you be the judge as to whether this PSA is another stepping stone on that path or a bizarre detour into well-meaning territory.

While it's undeniably violent, the PSA itself is a refreshing change from the type of public service messages you typically see stateside. Case in point, this terrifying, found footage-style PSA that focuses on the dangers of meth. A little light-hearted horror pales in comparison to the repugnant taste of three teenagers ransacking a house, choking a woman and visibly shattering a little girl just to get some jewelry and a DVD player.

At the very least, Henry and Aaron's PSA is a much easier pill to swallow, which means it may accidentally grab (and hold) the attention of its target audience. And that has to be a good thing, right?

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