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Wonderful older science book now available for free

Real Things in Nature
Real Things in Nature

If you are like many homeschoolers you love the older material. Well now thanks to Google Documents you can have a copy of  Edward Holden’s "Real Things in Nature: A Reading Book in Science for American Boys and Girls" from 1903.

Google Docs scanned this wonderful, old book and made it available in PDF for free download.

If you want an amazing look not only into science but into the turn of the 20th century you won't want to miss getting this jewel. It's 450 pages of wonderful stuff! This classic was in Harvard's library and Google scanned it.

It is a wonderfully engaging book and delightfully written. Obviously, there may be some things that are out of date but over all it is a book well worth getting. Plus its FREE!

To get it click here

If you prefer an actual copy of the book that can be found as well just go here:

Real Things in Nature: A Reading Book of Science for American Boys and Girls


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