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Wonderful News on the Breast Cancer Front

A mammaogram is another important way to reduce risk of breast cancer.
A mammaogram is another important way to reduce risk of breast cancer.
National Cancer Institute

In recent studies in the UK, the amount of women who developed breast cancer are about 50,000 a year but, they have found a way to reduce that number by 11%.It is simple and saves both patients and families and medical facilities tons of money. No matter your age or body mass index or size, if you exercise every day for an hour, you can reduce your risk of this deadly disease.

This exercise can be something simple like walking instead of running. It can be gardening instead of working out at a gym. Whatever a person does that gets you moving for one hour every day will reduce the risk of you contracting this vicious disease. If you opt for more strenuous activity or increase your time, it further reduces the risk of breast cancer. For those of you, who find it difficult to exercise as often as you can, even moderate amounts will help. For best results they advise the whole hour every single day.

This is great news for those patients who are worried since that disease runs in the family. They may be able to prevent what seem to them like a sure thing by engaging in an hour’s worth of brisk exercise. The study’s advised that this be a whole hour of brisk exercise and daily.

The French have examined 37 studies of over 400, 000 women and found the results to be the same no matter at what age you actually started to exercise or your weight or age at the time of the study.

We all know many diseases respond well to losing weight and becoming more fit, but until now were not told about the efficacy of these women who engaged in the 1 hour day exercise regime. One of the factors that effects breast cancer and other cancers is that overweight women have more cancer producing cells. Exercise will reduce weight and these numbers.

The one factor that negates all the positive results of exercising for a whole hour a day is if a women uses hormone replacement therapy. This factor alone seems to have a very adverse effect on anyone using this exercise formula.

The important significance of this news is that there have always been caveats. There have usually been exceptions stated and the amount of life changing things a person should do was considered very excessive and not possible for most people. When they talk about exercising for an hour, it is understood that this can include doing your housework and gardening. It might include your dog walking or chasing after a small child.

It is a startling good idea that may get more women actually trying to increase their daily activity since they will be encouraged by being able to include some of what they already do. We all know how expensive and how horrendous treating cancer can be so this is a good start to prevent it since the studies offer us this hope.

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