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Won't you give this sweet guy a second chance?


His name is Chance and if it weren’t for the DFW Pup Patrol, he may not be getting a second one.

Lisa Arion

Less than two years old, Chance is a Golden Retriever mix that recently was rescued from the Cleburne Animal Shelter. “He is such a sweetheart,” said Lisa Arion, President of the DFW Pup Patrol. “He is an absolute delight and holds no grudges for what’s happened to him or for all he’s been through.”

From the images, you can see that Chance has been abused to the point that he now is in need of reconstructive surgery. His tongue was split in two, his bottom front teeth are missing, and his bottom “lip” is detached and pushed down from his jaw. In addition, he also will need to be neutered.
Not only will Chance need a forever home, he also will need help paying his medical bills. Thanks to some very kind-hearted people, Chance has been given the opportunity at a better, normal life.

“One couldn’t ask for a gentler, loving, unconditional love-filled boy than he is…nothing short of an inspiration and a reminder of why we have to continue doing what we’re doing.”
If you are interested in adopting Chance or contributing to his surgical bills, please contact or e-mail


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