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Won't You 'Break' My 'Day'

New Fang
New Fang

I haven't bought into the vampire craze as of late. I didn't see New Moon and I haven't seen an episode of True Blood or The Vampire Diaries. I consider myself a zombie man. 2010 has begun and I've got to get cracking if I want to meet my quota of new releases by this time next year. A trip to the theater to see DayBreakers, which is only one word, was always my destiny. 

Daybreakers takes place in a future only 9 years from today where nearly the entire population has turned into a vampire. There are some humans left but they are hunted down and harvested for blood. There is a blood shortage and scientists are searching for a blood substitute. The main focus of the story is on Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke), a vampire blood scientist, as he works with a group of humans to find a way to reverse vampires back to humans whether than a blood substitute. The idea of a cure is considered heresy to the big blood company so its not long before Edward (no relation to Cullen) and his cohorts are working rogue to find the cure. 

The movie does some fun things with the premise. There are advisory warnings for when the sun rises and school zones are in effect between 2am and 3am. The movie also has good bits of action and gore for the horror fans. The movie is at a fault when it divides into subplots. Sam Neill (where have you been Dr. Grant?) plays the evil corporate bigwig trying to find his daughter and turn her vampire. Then there's a vaguely romantic subplot between Edward and a human lady (Isabel Lucas). Willem Dafoe seems to be having the most fun on screen as he plays, Elvis, a crossbow wielding good ol' boy. The movie is directed by the Spierig Brothers from Australia who made one of the worst movies I've ever seen with Undead. I was shocked to see that these guys actually have talent. They also get bonus points for doing their own special effects make up. 

Daybreakers makes for a good time from a B movie stand point. It probably makes for a better rental than a trip to the theater. To properly enjoy it, its best not to have any real expectations. Once you do that, it gets to be fun. Let's keep it going next week 2010 with the release of the Book of Eli.