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Women you want nice legs and buns try these exercises

Women's health magazine

Women, now be honest! Who doesn't want a toned behind? I can't imagine a single one of you saying you don't. Here are a few exercises you can do anywhere ,without weights, to achieve the maxiumum out of your gluteus maximus.

Squats: The king, or queen, of exercises and basic strengthener of all human musculatory functions. Specifically, squats work all the gluteus muscles: maximus, medius, minimus. They are a simple exercise you can do at home, and quite honestly, a vital exercise if the end game is nice buns.

Lunges: When done properly, lunges work both the hip muscles and gluteus maximus. By increasing the length of your step out stride, you can increase the intensity of the workout. Add lunges to the arsenal!

Step-ups: It's alright to use stairs or a chair depending on your ability, but these are a great butt exercise. Concentrate on one leg at a time, stepping up onto a raised surface, placing both feet, and then dropping one foot back down. If stepping high enough, this execise targets the glutes.

Next time you workout at home or hit the gym ladies try these exercises. Your legs and buns would benefit greatly.