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Women Take the Lead In Working After Fifty: Diana Witherspoon's Skin Care Business

Diana Witherspoon
Diana Witherspoon
Diana Witherspoon

Diana Witherspoon exudes a sense of leadership in every avenue of her life. She could have retired and settled back into a quiet, low-key life. But Diana, who for 20 years worked in sales and marketing, disappearing into a life of leisure is just not her style.

Diana recently became a licensed esthetician and now has her own skin care practice at the Historic Highland Building in Boulder at the Highland City Club located at 885 Arapahoe. Diana says, “My mother’s skin is exceptionally beautiful and since I was a teen, she has shared with me how to take care of my own. I have a real passion for skin care and have spent many years trying products and the newest procedures with my own skin. I decided on this career path after talking with my own esthetician about skin care and expressing the wish that I had gone into the skin care field myself. She encouraged me to go for it. I did so and really love what I do. One of the most appealing things about this field for me is that I will never stop learning. The advances in skin care and anti-aging are quite rapid and ever changing. I also love it because I know that those of us who take care of our skin will definitely see results and I find that incredibly rewarding.”

When asked what it’s like being an “older” working woman, Diana responds enthusiastically, “This career is a new beginning late in life for me and I’ve found that being ‘older and wiser’ to be an advantage in relating to my clients and my peers in the industry. I think this is because I have personally experienced so many of the treatments and products I offer and because many of my clients are women 30 plus years of age. I’m also fortunate that I taught high school for a period of years and relate very well to pre-teens and young women. This helps me work with clients dealing with acne or breakouts. I believe in educating my clients as best I can as I treat them. I find that this is well received.”

Highland City Club offers innumerable amenities, but Diana has her own treatments which include: facial and body treatments, peels, waxing, microdermabrasion, galvanic, and high frequency.

In addition to Highland City, Diana also works for a medical skin center, Avanti Skin Center of Boulder, 2595 Canyon St. Suite 360 in Boulder. 
Diana has lived in Boulder for 20 years with her husband Rick. She is an animal lover and has a beloved eight-year-old Golden Retriever, Skye. She has one child, a daughter, who is married and lives in Englewood, and two grandchildren. Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Diana has a master’s in business education from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. 
Diana can be reached at (303) 717-6773 or (303) 440-5751 and appointments can be made for
both Avanti and the City Club by calling her directly for more information or for scheduling.
For more information on Diana’s services, visit and


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