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Women starved three children: 2 women arrested after children found starved

Two women allegedly starved three children and have been arrested for doing so. On March 22, Huffington Post reported that Eraca Dwan Craig, 31, and Christian Jessica Deana, 44 -- a couple from Northern Calif. -- were arrested last month for suspected child cruelty. Authorities found two boys, ages 3 and 5, and one 8-year-old girl in the couple's home -- one of them chained to the floor -- all the children appeared to be starving.

Monterey County Sheriff Scott Miller said that one of the children was taken to the hospital and all three children have been placed into protective custody. "It was a particularly heinous case," Miller said.

The women who starved the three children were caught after two of the children "missed appointments." Authorities were alerted and showed up at the family's home for a "welfare check" when they saw the unimaginable, heartbreaking scene. The 8-year-old girl seemed to suffer the most abuse and police say that there were signs that she was sometimes shackled by the ankle to the floor and the other times by a collar around her neck.

It's unknown why Craig and Deana didn't want to feed their children (two of whom are adopted, the third is a biological child of one of the women) but they will be facing steep punishments for their actions. It's unclear how long the torture had been going on for.

The women who starved the three children were reportedly "trying to leave" before police showed up at their home. They are both facing serious charges.

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