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Women's Vitmans and Health stores in Lansing, MI

Sundown Vitamins for women
Sundown Vitamins for women
Mallory King

According to only 7% of women get everything they need out of their meals, so for the other 93% vitamins are a perfect source to make up for the missing nutrients in their diets.

There are 5 essential vitamins women should ingest daily: Vitamins E, B-maxi complex, vitamin C, calcium D and beta-carotene.

Vitamin E
This vitamin helps promote a healthy heart, protects from free radical damage and maintains a healthy circulatory system. It also combines well with beta-carotene and vitamin C to prevent premature aging against cells, which gives your skins a healthier, more youthful appearance, and what woman doesn’t want that?

B-Maxi Complex
This is a sum of all the vitamin B’s your body needs. B Vitamins have an ongoing list of benefits such as: maintaining healthy skin and muscle tone, supports/improves immune and nervous system function, promotes cell growth and division and lastly supports and increases proper metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Don’t be fooled, unlike other vitamins such as vitamin C, D and E there are more than one type of B vitamin and taking just one form will not give you all of the above benefits. Look for a b-maxi complex that has several B vitamins in it.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C acts as an anti-oxidant which helps encourage the support of healthy cells and body systems (immune, cardiovascular, ect.). It is also essential in the production of collagen (which could prevent/lessen wrinkles) and helps prevent eye disease and prenatal problems. Over all vitamin C is important in the growth and maintenance of tissues and organs.

Calcium D
This is especially helpful for women because women are at a higher risk of osteoporosis and calcium D helps promote healthy, strong bones and teeth. It also is an important element in blooding clotting and is required in the transmission of nerve impulses and heartbeat regulation. Calcium D helps absorb vitamin D and protect against two of women’s most frequent diseases, osteoporosis and heart disease.

This anti-oxidant acts like vitamin A. The body coverts it into retinol which helps maintain and improve healthy, youthful skin. It also protects against any eye diseases, enhances immunity, fights toxins and cancer formations in the body and helps against contracting the common cold, flu and other infections.

Where to get these vitamins in the Lansing area?
You can get any of these at your local grocery store such as Meijer, Target, Rite Aid or Walgreens. Look for Sundown Natural Vitamins, To Go specially formulated for women. It is a month’s supply of vitamins pre-packaged, with all 5 vitamins in an easy, ready to go packet. There are also vitamin and health food stores around the area that will house these wonder vitamins as well, check out: Vitamin World, Better Health Market, Amway Global and Health Zone to name a few. Click on this link to see a map and location of vitamin shops in the Lansing area.

Vitamins are an essential part of living healthy and feeling great, if you are not currently taking one check into it, stop by one of the above stores and talk to a employees, they are very knowledgeable and willing to help you get on the path to being happy, being healthy.


  • fitness nut 5 years ago

    thanks for the great info, I'm going to print this out for future reference!

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