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Women's Swimwear of 2014

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Happy Thursday!

We live in the time of fast-paced and constant changes. Each month, new trends are born and returned from the past. Some come and go, others unexpectedly remain for years. Swimsuits are impacted by these facts every year. The standard bikini has remained for years, yet several pin-up styles came back such as longer tops and high waist bottoms. Some bikini tops resemble bras, while others have lace or fringe material. Several one piece styles turned into fashionable and trendy cutouts. The world keeps changing everywhere around us - and there is no stopping it.

The great thing about today, is having more options in fashion. Now is the time to take advantage and choose the trends you like best, since there are so many. Finding a bathing suit that fits well may be difficult sometimes. I recommend trying on several pieces instead of only ordering online. Why guess and take a chance when you can actually make sure it fits, and you are comfortable with the way it both feels and looks on the body?

Depending on where you go, it may be nice to have a few different bathing suits as well. There are different occasions to wear them: for the active and swimming, sun-bathing, or only for a social setting. Just be sure to wear sunscreen, bring a hat, and even a cover up in case the sun is strong and the wind is harsh.

There are similar bathing suits, as discussed above, that can be found at Target, Victoria's Secret, Old Navy, PacSun and several other stores.

What bathing suits are your favorites?